Flat Stomach, I Can Have It Again

As I am typing  this page, I began to think back about have the flat stomach I once had, in which I could actually feel the muscle in my stomach as I moved my hand over it.  I am sure as you are reading this I just made you think back to those days also, right? Yes, I am right. lol  I remember playing ever sport I could get into, you name it football, basketball, baseball, and track.  Talking about being in shape, I was the man, yes, that is right, the man! lol  I could eat anything I so desire and it would not even phase me, I would not miss a beat.  I am sure that was you also, being in shape was a by product of your youth and physical activity.  I wanted it back, all of it, the muscle tone, flat stomach, and my confidence. I was determine to get my SEXY BACK and I did!

Now let me slow down a bit, I do not want you to think this was as easy journey I may have made it out to be effortless, to the contrary.  I had help and oversight to reach my goal, with the program called Abs After Forty.  Before I began this journey, I began to do my research into what happens to a man body after 40 and 50 years of age, let me say this, what I was learning about men over 40 and 50 for a moment made me say  DAMN! there are many of things that take place,  few of these things I am about to mention may have taken place with you, I know that they were happen to me.

Of this list the main thing I was dealing with was the gaining of weight, but let me say  also low sex drive got my attention too. The vain that effects us men in there 40 and 50 to were we are dealing with elements that I mention previously is Testosterone. As men age we lose testosterone, this is what makes a man a man.  Abs Over Forty gave me the blue print of conquer the pitfalls that affect so many men in their 40 and 50  all I had to was follow the program which I did, with some effort and willingness, I was able to a   flat stomach again, other words I got my Sexy Back!   (LOL)