Being able to help yourself no matter what is, has always been the best way.  Self reliance brings about the best in you.  Being able to rely on yourself without a doubt is has always and will continue to be the most cost effect way of resolving a matter.  If you have to hire someone to do something for you is going to cost, sometimes you have to do just that. The more you learn and do for yourself, the greater the saving you will have and you will know it was done right.  The saying “You Do Better Because You Know Better” is very true!

Diabetes The Big Lie! If you were able to help yourself or anyone you know to cure themselves of diabetes, what would you do? The diabetes industry is big business, that is why you will never see a cure coming from the big pharmaceutics companies as well as the medical community.  These two identities do not want you to know, that there is  a cure for diabetes.  They do not want you  to know there is a cure, because they would lose very large amount of money. It is not in their best interest for you to be able cure yourself  of diabetes. Go here to learn all about the Diabetes The Big Lie.


Credit Karma is only good if you just want to know your credit score, but what about fixing or correcting you credit report you are out of luck.  There are laws that most people are not aware of and the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Transunion, and Exprien are DAMN sure not going to educate you on the laws when it comes to your credit. Why wont the 3 major credit bureaus  assist you on learning how credit works and the law of credit, because it is not in their best interest in you learning how to improve your credit. If you improve your credit score they will not be able to make as much money off of you. It is always about the money! If you want to beat the credit bureaus at their own game, you need to go and learn the rules of engagement when it comes to dealing with the credit companies and improving your credit score. Credit Karma is not enough, Go Here so you can learn the laws of credit and how to use the information against the credit companies to improve your credit score.

Laptop, I Can Fix It Myself. Have you ever wondered how come it takes so long to get your laptop repaired and why it cost so much, I have done the same.  Once I took control of that situation, I discontinued worrying or caring about any of that. When you start taking matters into your very own hands, thinks become much clearer and without a doubt items and services convert  less expensively. Laptops will be here until the end of time in my opinion, so if you want to be in control of correcting your laptop and saving a large amount of money in the process, as well learn a skill set that without a doubt will become more and more demand to where you can  make as much money as you want. Go Here: Laptop, I Can Fix It Myself.